Emek book cover of typewriter w/ paper in flames (glow in dark) cover.... 271 full color pages... comes signed + doodled

9" x 12"

"EMEK Collected Works of Aaarght"

20 years of Art and Posters... Poster artist Emek combines 60's counterculture psychedelia and 90's postindustrial iconography to create vibrant, visually stunning illustrations for rock concert posters and protest art. The thinking man's poster artist his unique visual style has graced music posters on a diverse spectrum. Emek first hand draws, then silk screens multi- colored posters on paper, as well as experimenting with various mediums such as metal, glass and plastic, (he has even carved posters from stone!) for some of the music worlds brightest stars— from B.B King to The Beastie Boys, The Flaming Lips to Bright Eyes— in limited editions of around 300 copies often with complete creative license for their content. He brings the same passionate intensity from his music posters to his protest art posters and illustrations for magazines such as Rolling Stone. Emek's work has received international praise and has been collected by the Rock n Roll hall of fame, and three of his posters are among Billboard magazine's Top 25 rock posters of all time. Collected together here for the first time is a retrospective of his rock n' roll art as well as his editorial illustration and protest posters showing his work in amazing detail ... 271 full- color pages... signed + doodled
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